Apple is Challenging Four Qualcomm Patents in Ongoing Legal Battle

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Apple and Qualcomm are currently in a long running legal battle, and Apple has just fired another salvo into the skirmish.

Bloomberg is reporting on Thursday that Apple is currently in the process off petitioning the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to cancel four Qualcomm patents that, according to Apple, do not cover new ideas. Those patents specifically cover camera autofocusing, touch-sensitive displays, devices that function as a phone and a digital personal assistant, and circuit memory.

“Apple wants the patent office to cancel four Qualcomm patents, saying they don’t cover new ideas. All are part of a patent-infringement lawsuit Qualcomm filed in 2017 against Apple in federal court in California.

The patents being challenged involve ways to automatically focus a digital camera; a device that functions as both a phone and personal digital assistant; touch-sensitive displays; and circuit memory. Christie Thoene, a Qualcomm spokeswoman, said the company had no comment.”

This is a strategy that Apple is very familiar with, according to the report. To this point, Apple has filed such petitions with the USPTO in various legal battles a total of 398 times.

As far as this specific situation, three judges will be charged with hearing the situation, which will include a response from Qualcomm at some point. It will be up to the judges to determine whether or not Apple’s petition has any real footing, and whether or not an action should be handled after. A formal review will take place before any final judgments are delivered.

It was most recently reported that Qualcomm had revamped its patent deals, which boiled down to an effort to get Apple back in line with how the working partnership had functioned up until the current dustup. It is also worth noting that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is still scheduled to be deposed on June 27.

News reports have been popping up regarding an ongoing dispute between chip manufacturer Qualcomm and Apple, with both companies leveling legal teams at one another over issues most concerned with patents and patent royalty payments.

Qualcomm even filed to block the sales of iPhones in the United States, and called out the iPhone and iPhone 8 in its own legal efforts. Meanwhile, Apple’s own efforts saw moves in the legal system, but also a huge shift towards introducing only Intel-based chips into its future iPhones, basically excising Qualcomm from the conversation from 2018 onward.

[via Bloomberg]