Apple May Launch a Subscription Service That Includes Music, Shows, and News

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There is a semi-regular influx of news regarding Apple’s original content initiative, with the company landing deal after deal, preparing to launch a plethora of new shows at some point down the road.

The expectation is that we’ll see those first efforts (not including Planet of the Apps or Carpool Karaoke, which have already launched) sometime in 2019, but, at the time of publication, there is no word on how Apple plans on distributing that content. The aforementioned shows that have already seen the light of day were paywalled behind an Apple Music subscription, but many have speculated that Apple would change that plan when its original content efforts really took off.

Now, The Information has some information that may shed some light on what Apple is planning. According to the publication’s latest report, Apple is planning on launching a new subscription option, but one that would include more than just original shows. The report states that Apple’s plans will offer a bundle, so original shows, Apple Music, and even news in the mix.

That last bit, about the news, is how things will start. Apple will reportedly launch a news subscription service in 2019, which will include the stock Apple News app, but also include a magazine subscription service, courtesy of what Texture put together and what Apple acquired earlier this year.

And then, at some point in the future, Apple is going to bundle the news subscription service with Apple Music and its original video content. There is no timeline as of right now, at least at the time of publication, nor is there any word on just how much Apple plans on charging for this subscription service.

Even more interesting, though, is the possibility that Apple will keep these subscription services as a separate option, too. So if you don’t want to get your hands on the news subscription, or even Apple’s original content offering, you can keep just your Apple Music subscription without adding anything else.

Our Take

All of that certainly makes sense. It has been a curious state trying to guess how Apple would distribute all that original content. A new subscription option seems possible, and a bundle would be a nice option for sure.

How much do you think a bundle like this would cost?

[via The Information]