Apple and Samsung Finally Settle Design Patent Dispute

Samsung and Apple have been going back-and-forth in a long-running design patent dispute, but it looks like it has finally reached an end.

As first reported on Wednesday by MacRumors, citing court documents that were filed this morning in the Northern District Court of California, Apple and Samsung have finally settled the dispute. Specifically, both companies, based on the court documents, have decided to drop and settle the remaining claims, including counter claims, in the legal battle.

At this point, Samsung has been ordered to pay out $539 million to Apple, a decision that was made by a jury back in May of this year. However, earlier in June, it was reported that Samsung had rejected that decision, and was aiming to get another decision in regards to how much it would need to pay Apple.

This latest decision from both companies appears to finally aim to put it all in the rearview mirror.

“Plaintiff Apple Inc. and Defendants Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC would like to inform the Court that they have agreed to drop and settle their remaining claims and counterclaims in this matter.

IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, by and between the parties and subject to the approval of the Court, that pursuant to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 41(a) and 41(c), all remaining claims and counterclaims in this action are hereby dismissed with prejudice, to the extent such are still pending, and all parties shall bear their own attorneys’ fees and costs.”

As a (very) quick refresher: There has been a lot of back-and-forth up to this point. As mentioned above, Samsung was found guilty of patent infringement back in 2012. At the time, Samsung was ordered to pay $1 billion to Apple, but that was later reduced to $584 million. It wouldn’t be until 2015 that Samsung actually agreed to pay that much, even as it worked to get the number reduced even further.

It has been a long game of tug-o-war, but in May of this year a jury finally decided on the final payout between the two companies, with the group deciding on Apple’s side and rewarding the Cupertino-based company $539 million. At the time, Apple said it was “a fact” that Samsung had copied its products. For its part, Apple had been seeking upwards of $1 billion for its troubles, but the jury awarded them just over half of that.

Our Take

It’s hard to believe that this appears to finally be over. End of an era!

[via MacRumors]