Apple Gives a Sneak Peak into Multi-Year Project to Bring iOS Apps to macOS

Apple sneak peek teaser banner

Apple today addressed rumors about merging iOS and macOS and also gave a sneak peek into a multi-year project that it has been working on. Firstly, Craig Federighi confirmed that Apple is not going to merge iOS and macOS.

However, the company is working on a multi-year project where it is bringing iOS’ UIKit framework to macOS. This would allow developers to easily bring their iOS apps to macOS. It is doing so by adding other necessary features to UIKit like window resizing, drag and drop, copy and paste, scroll-bars, and more.

Apple will be formally allowing developers to bring their iOS apps to macOS in 2019. For now, it is still testing this framework and for this, it is bringing the new Voice Memo, Home, Apple News, and Stocks apps from iOS 12 to macOS Mojave.