Apple Working on High-End AirPods and Over-Ear Headphones for 2019

Apple is going to improve the audio devices it offers significantly next year with a new high-end AirPods, a new HomePod, and studio-quality over-ear headphones.

It was previously reported that Apple was working on a new pair of AirPods with improved sound and build quality. Today’s report details that Apple’s high-end AirPods will feature noise-cancellation and water resistance, though the latter is only good enough to offer protection against rain and sweat. While already impressive, Apple is looking to further improve the connectivity of the AirPods so that they are able to talk to the paired iPhone or iPad over a longer distance.

Thanks to the slew of improvements, the high-end AirPods will be priced higher than $159 which Apple charges for the existing AirPods. Apple is also mulling adding biometric sensors like a heart-rate monitor to the AirPods, though it is unclear if it has decided to go through with them or not. Despite this new improved AirPods, Apple will launch a refreshed new AirPods as an upgrade to the existing model later this year with an upgraded wireless chip and hands-free Siri activation. Additionally, Apple will also launch a wireless charging case for the AirPods that will allow them to be charged by the AirPower charging mat.

In addition to a new higher-end AirPods, Apple is also working on over-ear headphones. The premium headphones will compete with offerings from Bose and Sennheiser and carry the Apple branding. While the Cupertino company originally intended to launch the headphones by the end of 2018, it has had to delay its launch due to development challenges. Now, it plans to launch these headphones early next year. However, given Apple’s recent track record of delayed product launches, it is entirely possible that we will see the launch of the headphones being delayed once again.

The company is already in talks with its supply-chain vendors regarding the production of the Headphones. It intends to expand its partnership with Foxconn and reduce reliance on its smaller vendors like Inventec.

Our Take

With the HomePod, Apple proved that it can definitely make audio products that deliver outstanding sound quality. Now, the company is building on that expertise and knowledge and seems to be expanding its audio product lineup to cater to a wider range of audience. With the iPhone sales poised to slow, this definitely seems like a great way from Apple to further expand its market and revenue.

Are you excited about the over-ear headphones from Apple? Or are you looking forward to the more expensive AirPods 2 with improved sound quality?

[Via Bloomberg]