Facebook Messenger Expanding its Translate Feature to All Users in the U.S. and Mexico

Back in May, Facebook debuted a brand new translation feature for Messenger, which would allow for business users using the Marketplace feature to translate between two languages more easily.

With its debut, the feature was only meant for buyers and sellers using the Marketplace, and it’s meant to work between English and Spanish speakers. The feature is powered by Facebook’s own artificial intelligence efforts, and can translate English to Spanish, or vice versa. It has apparently worked well enough, because now Facebook is expanding the translate feature to all users, as long as you live in the United States or Mexico.

Beginning today, Facebook Messenger users will see a “Translate to English/Spanish” module pop up in their Messenger chat thread if the user messages you in either language. Tapping on the pop-up will summon Facebook’s assistant, M, and it will ask if you wish to auto-translate all subsequent messages from that user from that point forward. The opt-in feature is based on each conversation, but you can opt-out if you desire at any point.

Facebook is already planning on expanding the feature to support additional languages and countries around the globe, but there does not appear to be any kind of timetable for when that might happen.

The new translate feature is expanding to all Facebook Messenger users in the United States and Mexico beginning today.

Our Take

This should make conversations a bit easier, as long as Messenger is the go-to source for the conversation. It’s at least easier than jumping from one app to another, so that’s something.

[via Engadget]