Facebook Will Launch a New ‘Memories’ Page to Collect Your Social Network Past

Facebook is a fan of branching out ideas, and while that used to mean a lot of different apps, now it means a lot of different sections in the Facebook app proper.

As such, here we are with a new dedicated page for something that Facebook has featured for quite some time. The Verge is reporting on Monday that Facebook plans on launching a brand new “Memories” page within the app, which will collect your past posts and content you’ve shared on the social network. If you have seen the “On This Day” feature that pops up on a regular basis, this appears to be a new hub to collect that.

However, Memories will go beyond just recapping your On This Day content. That includes a new Friends Made On This Day list, seasonal and monthly recaps, and even a look back at the previous week and content you might have missed.

That’s all we know about the new page, and there is no specific information regarding a launch date. It’s likely that Memories will simply show up at some point in the near future.

It might be worth pointing out, though, that Facebook is working behind-the-scenes to tweak On This Day to avoid any painful memories that you might have. The social network is aiming to surface only positive content, and users can even block out content based on a specific date or date range. And Facebook says the content can be detected based on keywords and even the reactions a user receives from friends and family.

Our Take

On This Day can be hit-or-miss in its effectiveness, but it definitely just comes down to how much you’ve used the social network in the past. If you’ve been collecting memories for a long time, there might be a lot you will want to catch up on. That seems to be the idea for the new Memories page, which will help folks keep everything in one spot for an easy way to look back.

[via The Verge]