iOS 12 Adds Support for Two Faces in Face ID, Makes Rescanning Easier in Failed Scenarios

iPhone X Lock screen Face ID Locked

While Apple did not announce any Face ID related improvements with iOS 12, the OS does make some improvements to facial recognition on the iPhone X. On iOS 11, Face ID was limited to registering just one face. However, with iOS 12, Apple has added an option to register your alternative appearance.

Apple says this option can come in handy if Face ID fails to recognize you when you wear hats or sunglasses. In such cases, you can register your different appearance so that Face ID is able to recognize you easily. As it turns out though, you can use this option to register a completely different face and it would work just fine to unlock your iPhone X.

This might point to Apple working on bringing Face ID to the iPad where multiple face recognition is a must as a tablet can be shared by many in a family. Nonetheless, even if Apple decides otherwise, the ability to register up to two faces in Face ID is definitely a useful one.

Apple is also making it easier to trigger Face ID again after it initially fails to detect your face. In iOS 11, if Face ID fails for some reason, your only option is to enter the passcode to unlock the device or put the device to sleep and wake it to trigger Face ID again. With iOS 12, you can quickly trigger a Face ID rescan by simply swiping up from the screen which asks you to enter a passcode after Face ID has initially failed to detect your face.

It is a small change from Apple but one that will help reduce frustration among iPhone X users when they try to unlock their device and Face ID fails for some reason. There’s no mention of other Face ID related improvements but just like iOS 12, let’s hope Face ID also gets some much-needed speed improvements.

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