iPhones Running iOS 12 Will Send 911 Centers More Precise Location in the US

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Apple today announced a new iOS 12 feature that will provide first responders with the precise location of the 911 caller. This will help them in reaching the location of the emergency quickly.

Apple had previously launched HELO (Hybridized Emergency Location) in 2015 which provided first responders with an estimated location of the caller using GPS and Wi-Fi Access Points.

With iOS 12, Apple has partnered with RapidSOS to use its Internet Protocol-based data pipeline to securely share HALO location data with 911 centers. The new location technology will integrate with the existing software system of 911 centers.

The location data of the caller will only be available to the 911 centre that receives the call, and it would be only used for emergency purposes.

“Communities rely on 911 centers in an emergency, and we believe they should have the best available technology at their disposal,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “When every moment counts, these tools will help first responders reach our customers when they most need assistance.”

This new technology will allow 911 centers to locate callers within 50m of their location or lower. This would far exceed the FCC requirement which requires 911 centers to locate callers within 50m of their calling location at least 80 percent of the time by 2021.

The move will dramatically improve the response time of first responders whichnin turn can lead them to save more lives. 911 centers will start receiving more precise location of iPhone callers once iOS 12 is released in September.

[Via Apple]