Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ is a ‘Pocketable’ Dual-Screen Surface Device

Microsoft is no stranger to working on devices that have a dual-screen design, but it looks like we may actually be getting closer to a real product launching into the market.

A report on Friday from The Verge outlines a product codenamed “Andromeda”, a device name that has actually popped up several different times over the course of at least two years. The report indicates that the current design of the device sees it as a dual-screen “pocketable” surface product, one that aims to truly blend the concept of a PC and a mobile device.

The project has been in development for a couple of years now, and it’s meant to be a versatile product that will build upon the Windows Phone/Mobile vision that Microsoft was basically forced to abandon due to a lack of third-party developer support. But this device would fall in line with the Surface category of devices, including the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book, so it would appear to be running a full version of Windows 10 out of the box.

“It’s a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience,” is exactly how Microsoft describes the device internally.”

When fully opened, Andromeda’s wraparound display design would bridge the gap of the hinge, offering a seamless vision for the user. When closed, the display would be completely hidden and the device would be “pocketable”, but the exact dimensions of the device are not known at this point.

Back in December, David Breyer took to Twitter to publish renderings of the rumored Andromeda device, basing the new images on recent patents of the dual-screen device. According to this latest report, these renders are right on track, and this is exactly what the Andromeda device looks like right now.

Stylus support is rumored to be a major feature point for the Andromeda, with Microsoft testing the feature for the new device. Note-taking apps are said to be preinstalled on the device as well. And while work on the device has been ongoing for years, and the rumors suggest that Microsoft could launch Andromeda before the end of 2018, it is also said that the company could axe the product altogether before launch.

Surface Andromeda

Our Take

Andromeda has always sounded like a pretty awesome device, and if the rumors are true and this is what the newest Surface product looks like, well, color me interested.

[via The Verge; @D_Breyer]