2018 iPhones Will Come Bundled with 18W USB-C Charger; Not Sold Separately at Launch

Apple USB-C charger leaks

Rumors indicate that Apple will be bundling an 18W USB-C fast charger with the 2018 iPhones. The charger has also leaked in 3D renderings and real-life photos thereby confirming that it is indeed real. A new report now provides more details about the fast charger and says that Apple will not be selling it independently at first.

Instead, the charger will only be bundled with the 2018 iPhones. Apple will be doing this due to supply constraints, and it is only when the supply issues are resolved that it will start selling the power adapter separately. Many iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners might be interested in owning the 18W USB-C charger as well since it will be capable of fast charging their handset.

The Macotakara report says that production for the 18W charger will be in full capacity but only for them to be packaged with the 2018 iPhones. It will be manufactured by Flextronics, Delta Electronics, Lite-On Technology, and Artesyn. The report notes that the new Lightning chip (C48B) that Apple will be using inside the adapter will greatly benefit third-party accessory makers. Apple will release the chip to its accessory partners as a part of its MFi program in late 2018 after which we should see hoards of USB-C chargers hit the market.

The 18W USB-C charger will be fully compliant with USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard, and it will be capable of fast charging the 2018 iPhones —  a feature that will be standard across the lineup. Apple first introduced fast charging with the iPhone X and iPhone 8 in 2017 but it continued to bundle its 5W USB-A charger with them thereby making the feature kind of pointless.

Our Take

By bundling the 18W fast charger with its 2018 iPhones, Apple will be offering a huge jump in user experience in terms of charging speed with its upcoming iPhone lineup. The faster-charging speeds are likely going to tempt many existing iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners to get their hands on the new charger as well as currently there’s a death of quality USB-C chargers in the market. Given the timing of the 2018 iPhones launch, it is likely that we will see Apple start selling the USB-C charger separately right around the holiday season this year.

[Via MacOtakara]