2018 MacBook Pro Keyboard Compared to Older Models

2017 vs 2018 MacBook Pro Comparison

When Apple introduced its mid-2018 refresh for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, it also welcomed a third-generation butterfly keyboard with it.

The immediate question on a lot of people’s minds was the most obvious: Did Apple reengineer the keyboard to alleviate the issues so many people have had up to this point? Apple recently launched a keyboard repair program for the MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup that offers the butterfly keyboard, which includes laptops launched as far back as 2015 — but doesn’t include the new models launched this year.

Unfortunately, Apple said that its vision for the third-generation butterfly keyboard wasn’t to change the keyboard in any meaningful way to address those concerns from a “very small” number of MacBook owners out there in the wild. As was noted by The Verge earlier this week, Apple confirmed that its focus was on making the new 2018 butterfly keyboard quieter.

And it appears the company was at least successful in that regard.

The same publication has a quick write-up of its first impressions of the mid-2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and its tagline for the article is “It’s a MacBook, alright”, with the rest of the article confirming the basic notion. Apple followed up its MacBook Pro with a model that keeps the same thin design, number of port options, and simply upgrades the key areas under the hood that so many people were requesting since Apple introduced this new, more mobile-friendly design.

In the write-up, The Verge also includes an audio piece, which actually compares the sound of the older MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard generations to this year’s iteration, comparing just how loud the new option is when compared to last year’s. The results are indeed distinct, with the 2018 third-generation butterfly keyboard reducing the “clack” that has become so synonymous with the butterfly keyboard style.

The rest of the first impression is pretty straightforward. After all, it’s a MacBook. IF you want to read up on it, click through the source link below.

Our Take

Apple already has at least two lawsuits leveled against it in regarding to the butterfly keyboard design in its MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup. There is some speculation that Apple did indeed fix the third-generation keyboard, but doesn’t want to actually go out of its way to say anything. Admit its fault, anyway. That would more than likely put the company up against even more lawsuits, so that path would certainly make sense.

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