2019 iPhone Rumored Again to Feature Triple Rear Camera Design

Right now, the iPhone lineup boasts a dual camera setup on some of its models, that being the top-of-the-line option for folks who want to fork over the extra cash.

But next year, when Apple launches new iPhones, the company could be ready to bump up the number of cameras on the back of some of its smartphones yet again. That seems to be the consensus out of Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, with the publication letting out a pair of reports this week that aim to shed some light on the camera setup that Apple will adopt late next year.

According to the publication, Apple will be upgrading the sensors in the new iPhones, offering even better sensing performance than what’s available in the TrueDepth Camera system that makes up the front-facing camera in the iPhone X. What’s more, that more advanced sensing will all come bundled in a package of a trio of rear cameras on at least one of the new models planned for next year.

The cameras would support something called stereoscopic imaging, which means that two sensors would be able to capture the same image from two different angles. With some extra work, the camera system would then be able to determine the distance between the object and the iPhone itself.

Another possible addition for the camera features with the inclusion of a third lens is 3x zoom, which has been hinted at in previous rumors as well. Plus, Apple could unlock more potential with its augmented reality (AR) platform, ARKit, with another camera.

The first time we heard about this possibility happened earlier this year, when it was rumored that Apple would introduce the triple camera design on the back of at least one of its iPhones next year. And then, back in May, the rumor surfaced yet again, leaning into the possibilities of newer camera features thanks to the additional sensor in the back of one of the 2019 iPhones.

Of course, all of this is speculation, so take it all with a grain of salt for now.

Our Take

The idea that Apple will introduce an iPhone with a triple camera design on the back makes a lot of sense, especially just for the features it will unlock for the company that has put such a big focus on camera performance in its smartphones. Of course, it would be even easier for Apple to differentiate is lineup of iPhones, too, if it is indeed planning on launching three models this year (the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, the iPhone X successor, and the iPhone X Plus). Next year, with these three models in place, we could see the iPhone X Plus with a three camera setup, the iPhone X with its pair of cameras, and the final model opting for just a single camera design.

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