Amazon’s Next Echo Dot Reportedly Leaked in New Images

Amazon's third-gen Echo Dot leaks out

Amazon has had a pretty successful run with its Echo lineup, the range of smart speakers offering different use cases at various price points.

The company’s Echo Dot is the smallest of the bunch, and, as such, has a pretty low price tag. And it looks like Amazon is gearing up to announce a follow-up to the smart speaker option. Which would make sense, considering the Echo Dot hasn’t been updated since September of 2016, so it’s certainly due for an upgrade.

The images were first published by FrAndroid and Numerama, and reported on by AFTVNews. They show a new smart speaker design that is quite a bit different than what Amazon currently has on the market. The third-generation Echo Dot will reportedly offer a more rounded design this time around, moving away from the flat design. There appears to be fabric running around the side of the device, too.

Presumably, although it is not lit up in the photos, the round LED lights will be there for visual indication that the Echo Dot is being used. Amazon’s familiar physical buttons, four in all, are also present at the top of the device. It looks like the third-generation Echo Dot will be slightly bigger than the second-generation. According to the report, that’s because Amazon is trying to improve the overall audio quality of the speaker.

Amazon’s hardware announcements typically take place in September, so we don’t have long to wait to find out if this is indeed the next Echo Dot coming down the pipe. If this is indeed the real deal, are you happy with the design?

Amazon has several different Echo speakers out there, including the Echo Show, which it launched back in May of this year. Meanwhile, Apple’s own HomePod went up for pre-order at the beginning of this year, and there are rumors floating around that the company is planning on launching a “cheaper” version of the smart speaker, which could feature a new, smaller design, at some point in the near future.

Our Take

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s most affordable smart speaker, but if the company is going for a slightly larger design this time around, and with a focus on improving audio quality, one has to wonder if Amazon is also planning on hiking the price a bit. Would you buy a new Echo Dot if the price went up?

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