The App Store 10 Years Later: What Was Your Favorite App in 2008?

It has been 10 years since Apple launched the App Store, and, since then, what started as a digital storefront that led to a lot of questions about native apps or web apps, eventually became the default for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Since the launch of the App Store, apps have become the go-to resource for smartphones. If a platform doesn’t have apps, it doesn’t stand a chance — even if a company like Microsoft is behind that effort. Apple’s App Store became a phenomenon. Perhaps not overnight, but there is no doubting the power of Apple’s digital storefront now. Not only are apps a resource that many people simply can’t live without, it has also launched careers all over the globe as folks work to create the next popular app.

Apple already put together a pretty great retrospective of the App Store earlier this month. It breaks down a lot of different categories, from gaming, to developers, and much more. It’s hard to believe that when the App Store opened its digital doors that there were only 500 apps to choose from back then. The large majority of content in the App Store was paid content, too, with somewhere around 25% of apps available for free.

And then in December of 2013 Apple reached its first million milestone.

Looking back at the launch of the App Store, I didn’t have an iPhone when the App Store arrived. However, I did jump on board about a month later, and I can still remember those first apps that I installed on my iPhone at the time. Instant messenger apps like Palringo, for starters. Or the news apps, which now, looking back, seem so archaic in their design.

But, for me, it has always been the games that have been readily available in the App Store.

It took Apple several years to actually see the potential of mobile gaming, but there’s no doubt that it takes the market seriously now. Gaming is always a huge talking about for Apple at their annual Worldwide Developer Conferences, and that’s not going to change any time soon. But games have always been a staple in the App Store, even back in 2008.

In light of the 10 year anniversary, I wanted to reach out to all of you and find out what your favorite app was back then.

Mine is a game, and one that I still remember fondly. It was called Tap Tap Revenge, and, according to Apple, I first purchased it in August of 2008. That makes sense, because it was definitely one of the first things I installed on my phone. I sunk so much time into that game, too. It was a standard rhythm game, using music to promote tapping on specific points near the bottom of the screen. I’m a big fan of rhythm games in general, but Tap Tap Revenge will always be one of my favorites.

I really enjoyed the subsequent sequel (which was a hugely popular release), and some of the spin-offs for individual artists.

But, what about you? That single game was enough to get me excited about the App Store in general, and make the possibilities of smartphones in the future and the apps available on them seem pretty fantastic. Whether it was a game or a utility, what was your favorite app way back at the start of the App Store?