Apple’s 18W USB-C Charger Prototype for 2018 iPhones Leak

Apple USB-C charger

It is widely rumored that Apple will be bundling a USB-C charger with its 2018 iPhones instead of the 5W USB-A charger that it bundled with its 2017 iPhone lineup. Alleged CAD renderings of Apple’s USB-C charger have already leaked online before and today’s leak of the prototype of the charger adds further credence to these rumors.

Apple added fast charging support to its 2017 iPhone lineup but continued bundling its 5W USA-A charger with them. For its 2018 iPhone lineup though, the company is reportedly planning on bundling an 18W USB-A charger which is good enough to fast charge an iPhone. In fact, the charger will also be good enough to trickle charge any MacBook or MacBook Pro from Apple featuring a USB-C port.

The markings on the charger confirm that it is capable of charging a device at 3A at up to 5V (15W) or 9V at 2A (18A).

Apple does sell a 30W USB-C charger but it is exorbitantly expensive at $79.99. For an iPhone X owner, it meant that they had to spend almost another $100 on a new charger so as to fast charge their $999 smartphone. This leads to a poor experience and it is far below the standard set by Apple itself. Thus, the company’s decision to bundle a USB-C charger with its 2018 iPhones makes a lot of sense.

Along with the USB-C charger, Apple will also bundle a USB-C to Lightning cable with its 2018 iPhones. This would allow 2016 or newer MacBook or MacBook Pro owners to easily connect their iPhone to their Mac without having to invest in a cable first.