Apple Looks Back at App Store Phenomenon Ahead of 10 Year Anniversary

It has been almost 10 years since Apple first launched the iOS App Store, and, since then, the digital storefront has made a huge impression.

In light of the tenth anniversary taking place on July 10, Apple has published a 10-point breakdown of some of the App Store’s greatest accomplishments over the years. The retrospective is pretty long, but certainly worth going and taking a look through. It talks about developers and how the App Store has worked as a jumping off point for launching brand new careers. Games, how how they took off with the mobile platform. And much more.

“When Apple introduced the App Store on July 10, 2008 with 500 apps, it ignited a cultural, social and economic phenomenon that changed how people work, play, meet, travel and so much more. Over the past decade, the App Store has created a safe place for users of all ages to get the very best apps and a vibrant app economy for developers of all sizes, from all over the world, to thrive. Today, customers in 155 countries are visiting the App Store more often, staying longer and downloading and using more apps than ever before.”

The gaming section actually includes quotes from some that have seen their titles made available on the App Store, including Nintendo’s Shigery Miyamoto and Hero Entertainment’s Daniel Wu. Apple, for its part, says that the App Store helped bring “gaming mainstream”, and cites the multi-touch technology built into iOS devices.

“The App Store brought gaming mainstream, thanks to the easy Multi-Touch technology on iPhone and iPad and the convenience of playing on the go. Customers were drawn to early titles like Super Monkey Ball, PAC-MAN, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Real Racing and Temple Run, leading iOS to become the most popular gaming platform in the world.”

Meanwhile, Miyamoto-san weighs in:

“We are very happy that we are able to deliver Super Mario Run, a new Super Mario experience that could be played with just one hand on iPhone, to hundreds of millions of consumers because of the App Store. The App Store allows us to share the joy of Nintendo games with many new audiences, and we will continue striving to provide unique and new game experiences to App Store customers.”

And of course, Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, gets some time to talk about how popular augmented reality (AR) has become recently, and how Apple’s own App Store has helped boost the attention on the technology.

Here’s what Hanke had to say:

“When we founded Niantic, we set out to develop technology that would inspire people to explore their communities, exercise and have fun with friends and family out in the real world. In addition to making Pokémon GO and Ingress easily accessible to hundreds of millions around the world, the App Store has done a fantastic job of shining a spotlight on our player communities, thoughtfully crafting stories to inform and educate our players, and making the ongoing feature rollout easy for our development team.”

You can find the full retrospective through the source link below.

Our Take

It’s almost hard to believe that it has already been ten years since the App Store launched. When the proverbial doors opened up there were only 500 apps ready to be installed on supported devices. That numbered has ballooned into the millions, and the developer ecosystem has exploded with it, too.

[via Apple]