Report: Apple Music Has More Paid Subscribers Than Spotify in the United States

A major US-based music distributor has revealed to Digital Music News that Apple Music now has more paying music subscribers than Spotify in the United States. The source also shared the user base of other streaming services like Tidal and Sirius XM in the region. 

As per the data, Apple Music has the largest paid subscriber base for an on-demand music streaming service. While the number of paid Spotify subscribers was not revealed in the report, it does state that both services have more than 20 million paid users, with Apple’s offering “a hair ahead.”

The numbers do indicate that Apple Music is experiencing a far greater growth rate than Spotify in the United States. A previous report had claimed Spotify’s subscriber base was growing by 2 percent, while that of Apple Music was growing by 5 percent. Thus, even if Apple Music is just a hair ahead of Spotify right now in terms of paid subscribers, the difference between the two is bound to increase over time.

The data does not take into account users who are currently enjoying the three-month trial period of Apple Music. The report points to Apple Music having over 45 million subscribers globally, with another 5-10 million free trial users. Spotify, in comparison, has more than 70 million paying subscribers worldwide with a total user base of around 160 million.

Unlike Spotify, Apple only offers a three-month trial of its music streaming service, while Spotify offers a free streaming plan alongside a paid subscription. Thus, it was only a matter of time that Apple Music ended up having more paid subscribers than Spotify. It is only when Apple Music ends up surpassing the combined (free and paid) Spotify user base that it can be ruled as the undisputed king of the on-demand music streaming service.

However, Apple Music is growing at a far greater rate than Spotify and if things continue like this, it is only a matter of time before Apple’s streaming service ends up surpassing Spotify in terms of total subscribers.

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[Via DigitalMusicNews]