Apple Releases New ‘Close Your Rings’ Apple Watch Ads

Following the release of a series of ads promoting the 6th gen iPad and Apple Pay Cash, Apple today released a trio of ads on its YouTube channel promoting the Apple Watch. Titled ‘Close Your Rings’, the 15-second ads are all about people doing various activities throughout their day to close the rings on their watch.

While almost every other smartwatch or wearable out there can track your steps, Apple took a slightly different to encouraging users to reach their daily step goal by turning it into circles. This motivates people to complete all the rings on their Apple Watch by doing various activities which is far more encouraging than simply seeing your total footsteps and how much you are still left to cover.

The ads are a part of Apple’s ‘Close Your Rings’ campaign which the company has been running for the last few years.

Do you make an effort to ensure that you are closing the rings on your Apple Watch on a daily basis? Or have you given up on it completely?