Apple’s John Giannandrea is Now Leading the Siri, Core ML, and Machine Learning Teams

While Apple may not be adding huge feature sets to Siri’s toolbox on a regular basis, the company has not forgotten about the digital personal assistant by any means.

As such, a bit of shuffling has taken place behind-the-scenes, with a recent hire by the company now officially in charge of not only the team working on Siri, but also a couple of other major focal points for the Cupertino-based company moving forward. TechCrunch reported on the move earlier today, and Apple has subsequently confirmed the change on its executive leadership page.

John Giannandrea, who Apple hired back in April of this year, will now be officially in charge of the Siri team, as well as the teams building out machine learning and Core ML. Core ML, for those keeping track, is what Apple launched last year. It is a machine learning API that is designed to help AI-focused apps and native AI tasks from third-party developers run as smoothly as possible on iOS.

Giannandrea will host the title of “Chief of Machine Learning and AI Strategy” from this point forward. With all of these different teams now answering to one person, the apparent hope here is that Apple will be able to get a more cohesive approach to all of these elements that should be working well together.

Our Take

It isn’t a secret that Apple’s efforts with AI and digital personal assistant features are lagging behind the likes of Google and other companies. The reason for that is also not a secret, as the company has put such a dedicated focus on user data privacy and security. As such, Apple may benefit from a single executive leading various teams with a single goal in mind.

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