Chinese iPhone Users Bombarded with iMessage Spam

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iPhone users in China have been bombarded with a barrage of iMessage spam in recent days, with mobile operators unable to do anything. Mobile operators in China usually filter out SMS spam in the country but are unable to filter out iMessage spam since its end-to-end encrypted.

Most of the spam hitting the inbox of iPhone users in China are from casinos claiming to be in Macau. They either contain links to a WeChat account or redirects users to illegal betting websites which offer gambling services over a live stream or online games that are infested with in-app purchases.

iMessage Spam in China

Since iMessage is end-to-end encrypted, network operators or even Apple cannot block or filter out such spam messages. Instead, in such a scenario, Apple recommends users to manually block the number or email ID of the spammer or by reporting it as junk to the company. This is not an ideal solution though as iPhone users in China are currently experiencing after being bombarded with a barrage of iMessage spam.

China has a very strict policy against such illegal activities which is why all the mobile operators in the country filter out spam SMSs before they are delivered to the user. However, with iMessage being encrypted, network operators, as well as Apple, are helpless as they cannot scan the content of the message.

[Via Abacus News]