iPad Pro with Face ID Further Hinted in Latest iOS 12 Beta

iPhone X Face ID TrueDepth Camera System

The latest iOS 12 beta from Apple points to an upcoming iPad with Face ID support. The AvatarKit framework is found on the iPhone X and is used for creating Animojis. However, in the latest iOS 12 beta, the framework can also be found on an iPad running the beta version of the OS. 

This is as good as confirmation one can get about Apple working on an iPad Pro with Face ID technology.

There have been rumors of Apple working on an iPad Pro with Face ID, TrueDepth camera system, and smaller bezels. However, the lack of leaks surrounding such an iPad has raised doubts about its existence.

With Apple refining the gesture-based navigation on the iPad with iOS 12, the time does seem right for the company to launch an iPad Pro with Face ID and ditch the Touch ID button for good. While Face ID on the iPhone X is optimized to work in portrait orientation, Apple has had over a year to work on the technology and make sure it works in landscape orientation as well. This is important because unlike the iPhone X, Face ID on the iPad Pro needs to be orientation agnostic.

It is likely that we will see Apple introduce the new iPad Pro with Face ID alongside its 2018 iPhone lineup in September.

Our Take

By introducing TrueDepth camera system and Face ID to the iPad Pro, Apple will also be able to better distinguish its lineup with the regular iPad. Additionally, the move will also allow the company to further reduce the bezels on the device as it could finally ditch the home button for good. In turn, this will make the tablet even more compact despite having the same screen size which is always a welcome addition.

Are you looking forward to Apple releasing an iPad Pro with Face ID?