Mophie Launches New Powerstation Battery Packs With Lightning Connector

Mophie Powerstation with Lightning connector

Mophie is one of the more popular accessory makers for smartphones and other mobile devices out there, and the company has just unveiled a new series of battery packs for iOS devices.

On Tuesday, Mophie officially launched four new Powerstation battery packs, each of which uses a Lightning connector to charge a supported device. That will reduce the need to bring multiple cables with you, or dongles for that matter, because the same cable that charges your phone is the same one you can connect to the Mophie battery pack with.

There are four options to choose from. The standard Powerstation and Powerstation plus offer a 6,040mAh:

“The slim powerstation portable battery can extend your iPhone’s battery up to 20 hours and your iPad for up to 5 hours. Two USB ports let you charge multiple devices at once. You never have to drag extra cables along with you because the Apple Lightning connector lets you use the existing Lightning cable from your Apple device to recharge the powerstation.”

Meanwhile, the Powerstation plus XL has a 10,000mAh. It can extend the iPhone’s battery up to 34 hours, and the iPad mini up to 14 hours, and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro for up to 9 hours. Meanwhile, the top of the line option is the Powerstation XXL, which has a 20,200mAh battery. It can extend the iPhone X’s battery up to 70 hours, the iPad mini 4’s battery up to 28 hours, and the 2017 iPad’s battery up to 18 hours.

Mophie Powerstation for iOS devices

The standard Powerstation retails for $59.95, while the Powerstation plus costs $79.95. The Powerstation plus XL will cost you $99.95, while the Powerstation XXL will set you back $99.95.

Mophie’s products are typically well-regarded, which you can see in our own review earlier this year of the Air Power Pack for the iPhone 8 Plus. The company launched a new Powerstation for the MacBook late last year, which features a 19,500mAh battery for adding a few more hours of battery life to the portable machine.

Our Take

These external battery packs continue the trend of charging a bit more than what you’d find with a traditional USB connection, so you’ll be paying about $20 to $40 more for these Lightning connector-equipped options. Do you think it’s worth forking over a bit more money to get the Lightning port option?