The Most Expensive and Powerful MacBook Pro Now Costs $6,898

Apple’s updated 2018 MacBook Pro lineup should please a lot of professional users thanks to the new powerful internals that they now ship with. The 15-inch variant, in particular, is aimed at pros as it is now available with up to 4TB storage, 32GB RAM, and a Core i7 or i9 processor featuring 6 physical cores.

With a 6-core chip, 32GB RAM, AMD’s Radeon Pro 580 GPU, and 4TB storage, the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro is a delight for power users. It feels like after years Apple has finally paid heed to the needs of prosumers and given them what just they need. However, all that raw horsepower comes at a price.

While the base variant of the 15-inch MacBook Pro carries the same $2,399 price tag as before, the top-of-the-line variant now costs a staggering $6,699 — that’s a steep increase of over $2,400 compared to the most powerful 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro you could buy. The difference is enough that one can buy another 15-inch MacBook Pro for the same money.

The processor upgrades are not that expensive as the upgrade to the 4TB SSD which will cost you an additional $3,200. The jump to 32GB RAM is relatively cheap by Apple’s standard at $400.

Nonetheless, more than the price bump, prosumers are finally going to be happy that they at least have a choice. If they have the money to spend, they can finally get their hands on a MacBook Pro which can easily handle their intensive workload without breaking a sweat.

Are you willing to spend upwards of $6600 for a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro?