App Store’s 10th Anniversary: The Most Popular Apps and Games Over the Last Decade

The iOS App Store turns 10 today. When Apple had first launched the iPhone, there was no App Store and the company was heavily pushing its native apps and aggressively pushing developers to create web apps for the platform. A year later, things changed and the App Store was born, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Over the last decade, we have seen a number of quality apps make their way to the App Store which has had a huge impact on the lives of millions, if not billions, of people out there. Now, to celebrate the App Store’s 10th birthday, Sensor Tower has detailed the most popular apps and games across various categories on the store over the last decade.

The data from Sensor Tower starts from July 2010 and not from the inception of the App Store. Nonetheless, it does reveal some interesting tidbits and details. Since 2010, nearly 30,000 apps have achieved the goal of being the number 1 app on the App Store across the top free, paid, and top grossing category in at least one country. In the United States, 422 apps reached the No. 1 position of the top free iPhone apps, with Facebook Messenger staying at the top of this list for a total of 317 days — the highest for an app. Snapchat’s Bitmoji app came in a distant second with a total of 109 days. As for games, surprisingly, Etermax’s Trivia Crack released in 2013 was the chart-topper for a total of 66 days.

Worldwide App Store Free iPhone Apps

When you factor in the worldwide App Store numbers, things change slightly. WhatsApp becomes the number 1 app to remain the top free app on the iOS App Store with a total of 1,783 days. It is followed closely by Facebook Messenger with a total of 1,671 days and Facebook’s official app with 1,541 days. Viber came in fourth with 1,360 days followed by Instagram and Telegram with 762 and 741 days, respectively.

For paid apps, games primarily dominate the list especially Minecraft which occupied the number 1 position on the U.S. App Store for 847 days and on the worldwide App Store for 1,645 days. Once popular Angry Birds came in a distant second with 311 days on the U.S. App Store followed by Heads Up at 225 days and WhatsApp at 98 days. On the worldwide App Store, the second, third, and fourth positions were occupied by Facetune, Afterlight, and 7 Min Workout with 1,501, 1,312, and 1,134 days, respectively.

App Store Paid Apps List

For the Top Grossing list, Clash of Clans absolutely crushes the competition in the U.S. In the U.S. App Store, the app remained at the top for a total of 805 days. Candy Crush came in a distant second at 278 days — a difference of almost 300 percent. Candy Crush was followed by Pandora, Netflix and Clash Royale with 202, 172, and 169 days, respectively.

On the worldwide App Store for the top grossing apps list, Zynga Poker trailed Clash of Clans by just 75 days (1,900 vs 1,825). It was followed by Candy Crush with 1,789 days, iGO Europe with 1,155 days, and Line at 1,148 days.

Overall, the list is definitely fascinating and shows how some apps have completely dominated the App Store despite the change in user preference and taste over the years.

[Via Sensor Tower]