Raise to Siri Feature Now Working in watchOS 5 for Apple Watch Users

watchOS 5 Siri Face

One of the key new features in watchOS 5 is ‘raise to Siri.’ As the name indicates, the feature allows one to trigger Siri when they simply raise their wrist instead of having to push a button or speak “Hey Siri.” This makes the whole process of interacting with Siri more natural and faster. 

While the feature was missing from the initial beta build of watchOS 5, Apple seems to have now enabled it via a server-side change as many Apple Watch owners on watchOS 5 beta 2 and even beta 3 are reporting that the feature is now working for them.

With the ‘raise to Siri’ feature now working, Apple Watch users will be able to simply raise their wrist and issue a command to Siri without having to use a trigger word first. It is a small change but one that has a huge usability impact. It will also make it easier to use Siri by reducing the friction to trigger it first.

If you are running the latest watchOS 5 beta on your Apple Watch, make sure to give the feature a try. If it is not working, try to bring the watch closer to your mouth when you speak. With Apple debuting Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, Siri is about to get a lot more useful so it is important that users are able to easily and quickly access Siri even on the Apple Watch.

watchOS 5 comes with plenty of other new features like Siri Shortcuts, a new Podcasts app, automatic Workout detection, support for new workouts, interactive notifications, and more. The final release of the OS is scheduled to release alongside iOS 12 in September.

[Via Reddit]