Samsung’s New ‘Ingenius’ Ads Take a Shot at iPhone X Camera, Dongle Life, and More

Samsung has been pretty quiet on the ad front lately, where it typically ends up marketing Apple just as much as its own phones.

Of course, while Apple might be broadcasting Apple into the world in its own ads, the content of the ads is actually meant to show why Samsung stuff is better than Apple’s. The company actually just published a couple of ads that “made fun” of the Apple Genius Bar and promoted the overall better LTE download speeds of the Galaxy S9 compared to the iPhone X. Before that, Samsung was quick to try and make fun of the iPhone X notch design. And now, Samsung is back with a trio of new ads under the “Ingenius” banner.

The first is entitled “Fast Charger”, in which a customer inside an Apple Store asks the employee if the “X comes with a faster charger”. The employee says no, and then says you can buy a different cable, an adapter, and that “should do the job”.

Here’s the ad:

The second ad is entitled “Camera”, and we see the same Apple employee promoting the camera in the iPhone X. This time, a different customers adds, “Better than the Galaxy S9?” and then DxOMark scores get brought into the mix, because the Galaxy S9 has a better score than the iPhone X. (For those keeping track, the Galaxy S9+’s overall score was 99, while the iPhone X has a score of 97.)

Here’s that ad:

And, finally, the last “ingeius” ad is entitled “Dongle”. Here we are with Samsung going out of their way to promote that the Galaxy S9 has a 3.5mm headphone jack and that the iPhone X does not. But you can get an adapter or, “as most people like to call it, a dongle” as the Apple employee in these ads suggests.

Here we are:

Samsung is basically hitting all the hallmarks up to this point, even bringing the headphone jack back into the mix. What do you think of these newest “ingenius” ads?