Samsung’s Latest Ads Take Another Shot at the iPhone X Notch, Lack of an SD Card Slot, and More

Samsung has decided that, several months after the launch of the iPhone X and even the launch of its own flagship, the Galaxy S9, to stoke the fire of anti-iPhone ads.

As a result, we’re getting new ads on a semi-regular basis at this point. The company has just recently uploaded three new videos, each of which is pretty quick –measuring in at just 30 seconds– and once again depict a fake Apple Store and Apple Store employee dealing with “customers” as they talk about what Samsung appears to think are clear deficiencies in the design of Apple’s latest high-end smartphone.

These ads continue to fall under Samsung’s “Ingenius” banner. The first one is entitled “Notch”, and the message here is pretty obvious. The customer this time talks to the “Ingenius Bar” employee, mentioning that the notch “covers up” part of the display when you’re watching a video.

The employee offers that “it takes time” to get used to the notch, and then the ad ends with customers that have notch-style haircuts. Because sheeple, maybe.

Here’s the ad:

Moving on from that, we’ve got another customer that visits Samsung’s Ingenius Bar and talks about storage options in an ad entitled “Storage”. This iPhone customer, who apparently has never owned an iPhone before, asks the employee where the “microSD slot” is on their iPhone. The employee offers that there isn’t one, and the customer quips back, “Oh, the Galaxy S9 has one”. They add that they don’t want to store anything in the cloud, because apparently the cloud is bad.

Roll the tape!

And, finally, we have “Multitasking”. This time the customer asks how they can run two apps at the same time, effectively split-screening on their iPhone. This time the customer says they saw the feature working on their sister’s Galaxy S9, and they were apparently wondering if it worked on the iPhone. The Ingenius Bar employee is clearly dismayed that they have to inform the customer the iPhone can’t do that.

Here’s the “Multitasking” ad:

For those keeping track, this is the third batch of Samsung ads recently. We’ve seen the company make fun of the iPhone X for its slower LTE download speeds, and after that they took a shot at “dongle life”. On the other side of the coin, though, Apple recently launched a pretty wild ad showcasing the power of the A11 Bionic processor found in the iPhone X.

Our Take

So, there we go. Three new ads. The notch is just about the lowest-hanging fruit possible to attack at this point, but Samsung’s obviously not giving up on it — even as a plethora of Android brethren slavishly copy Apple’s design anyway. I don’t even like the notch and these ads are annoying. Especially those haircuts.

However, that last ad about multitasking? That might actually be pretty effective, and seems actually plausible. Seeing a feature on a competing platform happens, and having a customer go into the Apple store to find out if it’s something their iPhone can do makes sense.

Anyway, what do you think of these newest ads?