SemiRestore11/Rollectra Released to Unjailbreak or Remove Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak

As expected, Pwn20wnd of the Electra Jailbreak team has released SemiRestore11/Rollectra, which will allow jailbreakers who have used Electra Jailbreak to un-jailbreak their device with a single tap.

You can install the SemiRestore/Rollectra utility from Cydia for free. It’s available in the Packix repository.

When you launch the tweak, you will see an Unjailbreak button as you can see in the screenshot below. All you need to do is tap the button to remove the Electra Jailbreak and restore your iPhone or iPad to the stock and unmodified state. The process is also called semi-restore, as it restores your jailbroken iPhone to stock and unmodified state without forcing you to upgrade to the latest iOS firmware. It can be quite useful if you want to sell your device to someone who wants to jailbreak.


It uses the APFS snapshots and mobile_obliterator to roll your device back to a stock and unmodified state. It is important to note here that it would end up deleting your personal data as well, so you should take a backup of your device before using SemiRestore/Rollectra. The utility uses APFS snapshots and mobile_obliterator to remove the jailbreak and restore it back to a stock and unmodified state.

The other way to unjailbreak your iPhone or iPad would be put it in recovery mode and restore your device, but that would also result in upgrading to iOS 11.4.1 which can’t be jailbroken.

SemiRestore/Rollectra is a very useful tool for jailbreakers who are facing many problems with Cydia after installing an incompatible jailbreak tweak.

Users have reported that it is much faster than Cydia Eraser, which was released by Jay Freeman the founder of Cydia.

Sileo, the full replacement of Cydia and utilities like SemiRestore/Rollectra, will make life a lot easier for jailbreakers and should encourage more users to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. We are excited as the future of jailbreaking hasn’t looked more promising.

If you use the SemiRestore11/Rollectra then let us know how it goes in the comments below.