Steve Jobs Was Surprised by the Success of the App Store, Even in 2008

It has been ten years since Apple launched the App Store. Since then, the digital storefront has exploded in popularity and usefulness.

But while the App Store is certainly a hit these days, well after launch, Apple’s co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, was surprised by the store’s success even back in 2008. At least, that’s the picture a recently-published interview from Jobs and The Wall Street Journal paints. The interview was actually conducted back in August of 2008, one month after the App Store’s launch.

Jobs talks about the digital storefront and says he never expected it to “be this big”. He would go on to add that the mobile industry had never seen anything like the App Store before, obviously heralding the significant impact it would have for mobile operating systems and how people use their devices moving forward. Jobs says that while Apple had projections and estimations, the reality of the App Store’s launch far exceeded them:

“I would not trust any of our predictions because reality has so far exceeded them by such a great degree that we’ve been reduced to spectators just like you, watching this amazing phenomenon and just doing our best to try to help everybody get their apps done and get them on the store.”

Interestingly enough, one of the key points for the interview was pricing for apps. At the time Apple was criticized pretty heavily for the pricing in the storefront, but, as Jobs articulates, there wasn’t really any precedence for the App Store up to that point, and so no one knew how to price anything at that point.

Moving on from that, Jobs said this:

“Who knows? Maybe it’ll be a billion dollar marketplace at some point in time. This doesn’t happen very often. A whole new billion dollar market opens up. 360 million in the first 30 days, I’ve never seen anything like this in my career for software.”

It’s worth noting that, as of this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has paid out $100 billion to developers up to this point.

The full interview is available to read through the source link below. It’s definitely worth checking out.

[via The Wall Street Journal]