Twitterrific Removes Push Notifications and More to Match New Twitter APIs

Back in April, it was reported that Twitter, one of the largest social networks on the planet, was planning on implementing changes that would basically remove plenty of oft-used features in third-party apps.

Twitter’s goal is to make it so that it’s own first-party app is the go-to option for Twitter users. Well, those changes are kicking into gear, and, sure enough, many of the most noteworthy features in the most popular third-party Twitter apps are getting the boot.

That glaring truth is abundantly clear in today’s public blog post from the developers of the popular Twitterrific app, Icon Factory. They confirm that they will be dismantling some of the app’s must-have features, which includes push notifications. That change begins today. So, Twitterrific users will no longer receive push notifications from the app at all. And, what’s more, as a result of that removal, Twitterrific is also killing its Apple Watch app, as it relied on those notifications.

However, if you purchased the Push Notifications Advanced Features, there’s an important element to be aware of:

“If you purchased the Push Notifications Advanced Features on iOS at any point in the past, you will continue to receive notifications until Twitter deactivates their API. Sometime after August 16th, 2018, Twitterrific won’t be able to receive and display notifications natively.”

The app is also losing its ability to support live streaming content:

“Twitter will also be removing the live-streaming service for third-party apps. This means that after the API is shut down, tweets and direct messages will be delayed by a minute or two, instead of displaying in real time.

Starting with today’s update, Twitterrific will still attempt to live stream tweets but will fall back to automatically refreshing your timelines every 2 minutes if it’s unable to connect. Automatic refreshing, unlike streaming, will work even if you are connected via a cellular network.”

With Twitterrific making the changes, it’s likely that the other super-popular third-party Twitter app, Tweetbot, will be doing the same at some point in the near future.

You can read the full blog post through the source link below.

[via Icon Factory]