Uber’s New Features Make It Easier for the Driver To Find You

In a bid to reduce the waiting time for its users after they book a ride and to reduce cancellations, Uber is rolling out a bunch of new features to make the whole process of picking up a passenger less stressful for all the parties involved.

Firstly, to make it easier for the driver to spot you, Uber is launching a new tool called Spotlight. This feature essentially uses your smartphone’s display to attract the attention of the Uber driver towards you. You can use the Spotlight feature to display a particular color on your smartphone’s display which the driver will then be informed about so that they can look for it and spot you easily.

Uber Spotlight

Additionally, riders can now provide their Uber drivers with more information through the in-chat app like “I’m wearing a red hat”, “be right there”, and more. All the messages sent by the rider will be read aloud by the Uber app to the driver.


Finally, Uber is now guaranteeing that all pre-scheduled pickups will be on time. This is a major issue as currently most drivers end up canceling their scheduled pickup or end up reaching the pickup point later than the scheduled time. And in case your driver does not show up at the scheduled time, Uber will give you a $10 credit that you can use towards your future trips.

Uber is rolling out an update for its iOS app with the above-mentioned features.