6.1-Inch LCD iPhone with Dual-Sim Will Be Limited to China

2018 iPhone

A new rumor originating from China claims that Apple will only be adding the dual-SIM functionality to the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. Worse, the company intends on keeping this functionality limited to the variants of the handset sold in China and perhaps other Asian markets.

The report from Economic Daily News is based on a Foxconn source who has made these claims. The report also says that mass production of the 2018 iPhone lineup has already started, with the handsets carrying the model number 801, 802, 803, and 804. The extra model number is for the dual-SIM LCD iPhone that will launch in China.

Dual-SIM iPhones are extremely popular in China so it makes sense that Apple is planning on keeping the dual-SIM LCD iPhone exclusive to China’s market. However, apart from China, dual-SIM smartphones are also popular in India and other Asian markets so there’s a possibility that Apple will launch the dual-SIM variant of the LCD iPhone in such markets.

While reports had claimed that Apple will be adding dual-SIM functionality to its 2018 iPhone lineup, it was unlikely from the get-go that the company would add the feature across its entire lineup. In developed markets like the United States and Europe, dual-SIM smartphones are not that popular so it would have made little sense for Apple to launch a dual-SIM iPhone across the globe.

While potential customers in China and other Asian markets will likely be happy about Apple at least launching a dual-SIM iPhone in their country, some of them are also going to be disappointed on not being able to buy the more expensive and improved iPhone X or 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus with dual-SIM functionality. As for the implementation, Apple is likely to use the combination of an eSIM + nanoSIM inside the LCD iPhone to offer dual-SIM functionality on the device. By doing this, the company will be able to save on internal space which is very important inside a smartphone.

[Via Economic Daily News]