Apple Rumored to Launch AirPower This Fall for $150; 2018 iPhone Lineup Expected to Support Wireless Charging

iPhone X and AirPower

Apple announced the wireless charging pad, AirPower, late last year, but the accessory has yet to actually launch.

Now, the general speculation is that Apple plans on launching the product alongside brand new iPhone models, presumably this fall following an event in early September. A new report from Chongdiantou, based on information reportedly ascertained from supply chain sources, states that Apple is planning on launching AirPower sometime this fall. As far as pricing is concerned, the new accessory will allegedly cost $150.

The report also adds a few technical bits regarding the wireless charging mat, including that the accessory has 22 coils built into it.

Apple’s launch window has always been “sometime in 2018”, with early rumors suggesting it would arrive in March and probably be priced around $199. However, March has come and gone and AirPower is still not available, and some believe $199 is too expensive for such an accessory — even for Apple. Only time will tell, though, and if September is indeed the big month, we don’t have long to wait.

Meanwhile, the report also indicates that Apple plans on offering wireless charging support in its 2018 iPhone lineup, which is expected to feature the iPhone X successor, the iPhone X Plus, and a 6.1-inch iPhone.

Depending on price, are you planning on picking up an AirPower mat when it becomes available?

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