Apple is Offering 30-Minute One-on-One Sessions with an Expert to Improve Your Photos

Apple has in-store sessions at its physical retail spaces for a variety of different topics, especially photography. But now, just in case you can’t make it to a store, there is an over-the-phone option.

As was first reported on Tuesday by MacRumors, Apple is now offering one-on-one over-the-phone lessons for those who are interested. The new program is documented in a support page, and you can sign up for the program right here if you are interested in doing so. The lesson will put you in touch with a Photos expert, and Apple says the lesson will focus on powerful, editing tools.

“The Photos app helps you organize and share your growing collection of photos and videos. It also includes a built-in set of editing tools that can improve your photos dramatically with one click, or let you fine-tune all the details.

Our specially trained Apple Support Advisors are experts in using Photos to transform pictures from good to amazing — and they’d love to show you how in a 30-minute guided phone session.”

These lessons are U.S.-only.

The company says the lesson will go over “all the editing tools Photos offers”, which seems like quite the feat for just a single thirty-minute session. But the expert will go over detailed editing options, including light and color adjustment, and more. The lesson plan also includes “how to crop and filter your photos”, and going over how you can revert all those changes you’ve made if you aren’t happy with them.

You can schedule your thirty minutes beginning today.

Our Take

This seems like a pretty solid idea, especially for folks who have seen that an Apple Store is hosting photography/editing lessons, but they haven’t been able to make the in-person lesson. This over-the-phone idea might not offer the best possible experience, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Hopefully we see Apple expand these lessons — and keep them free. Though, it is a bit interesting that you’re calling in Apple Support to get the lesson.

[via MacRumors; Apple]