Apple Patent Hints at Face ID and Gesture Control Features for Mac

iPhone X Face ID TrueDepth Camera System

Face ID on the iPhone X has been immensely popular. Although the feature wasn’t without scrutiny, particularly during its early days, people who have used this feature are very much in favor of it.

Apple has been dropping hints periodically on the possibility of this feature making its way to other devices like the Mac, for example. A new patent filing by the Cupertino giant makes a small mention of similar features, although in a slightly different context.

The patent talks about how a “computer may apply a face detection algorithm at step 92 in order to detect the subject’s face of depth map.” More accurately, this application talks about controlling Macs with simple gestures using arms, head, and torso.

This particular application mentions employees of PrimeSense as the inventors. Apple famously acquired PrimeSense back in 2013 following their work with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor.

While the words on the patent application aren’t short of ambiguity, the general feeling is that Apple wants to bring the technology responsible for Face ID, like depth mapping, to Macs in an attempt to allow users to control them using gestures. It’s clear that Apple is thinking beyond authentication, which is primarily what Face ID does today.

Keeping this in mind, it’s possible that this tech won’t see the light of the day anytime soon. Face ID, however, is expanding to other iOS devices, with the 2018 iPad Pro expected to carry the feature.

[Via 9to5Mac, USPTO]