Apple Removing Gambling Apps From App Store; Ends up Banning Non-Gambling Apps

iOS 11 App Store

Apple seems to have enforced a new App Store policy which has led to the company to remove gambling related apps from the App Store. However, Apple’s move seems to be hastily implemented as it has inadvertently removed many apps that have nothing to do with gambling.

Apple has removed news apps and other non-gambling apps from the App Store and informed such developers that there apps have been removed for violating the App Store guidelines related to gambling.

Apple seems to have removed any such app from the App Store which provides unrestricted web access and has a 17+ age rating.

Apple’s move today likely stems from the iMessage spam that iPhone users have been facing in China. Most of these spam messages point to gambling sites or services which are banned in China. Apple has been warranted to undue criticism due to this which is perhaps why the Cupertino company has enforced this new App Store guidelines. The removal of gambling apps has apparently led to over 20,000 apps from the Chinese App Store.

[Via MacRumors]