Apple to Work with Major Chinese Network Operators to Reduce iMessage Spam

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With iPhone users in China being bombarded by iMessage spam, Apple has decided to work with major carriers in the country to reduce such spam. The company has been heavily criticised by the Chinese media over the last week or so for allowing spam on its messaging platform that promotes illegal gambling apps.

There was even a 30-minute broadcast by the Chinese state media which blasted Apple for allowing illegal gambling apps and services on its messaging platform.

Network operators in China automatically block many spam messages by using keyword filtering to prevent them from being delivered to the end user in the first place. However, since iMessage is end-to-end encrypted there’s no way for network operators or even Apple to know the contents of a message.

“We are in touch with domestic telco companies to see what additional steps could be taken to reduce this inconvenience,” an Apple spokeswoman told Reuters on Thursday. “We are currently working on additional ways to further reduce it, including more advanced machine learning models to identify it and more tools to block fraudulent accounts,” the Apple spokeswoman said.

The Chinese government is currently coming down heavily on spam messages and unsolicited phone calls in the country since the breach of privacy has become a cause for concern.

It remains to be seen how Apple will work with network operators to stop iMessage spam due to the encrypted nature of its messaging platform.

[Via Reuters]