Facebook and Instagram Now Offer Tools to Limit Reminders, Managing Time Spent Inside App, and More

Facebook Tools

Smartphone addiction has become a huge issue in this day and age which is why we are seeing Apple and Google offer tools which allow users to keep track of their smartphone usage habits. Joining Apple and Google, Facebook today has announced a slew of new tools that will allow users to monitor the time they spend on its platform.

Apart from Facebook, the new tools will also be available for users on Instagram.

Firstly, there’s an activity dashboard which keeps track of how much time you spend inside each app, what time do you use it the most, and the average time you spend on Facebook or Instagram each day. Then there’s daily reminder which allows one to set a time limit that they can use the app for every day. Once this limit is reached, you will get a notification which you can obviously dismiss to continue using Facebook or Instagram.

Lastly, there’s the ability to mute notifications from anywhere between 5 minutes to up to 8 hours. Fewer notifications mean users will be able to better concentrate on what they are doing and not open Facebook or Instagram as frequently.

Facebook says that it has “developed these tools based on collaboration and inspiration from leading mental health experts and organizations, academics, our own extensive research and feedback from our community.”

You’ll find these tools inside the iOS Facebook and Instagram app. Ib the Facebook iOS app, head over to Settings -> Your time on Facebook, while in the Instagram app, head over to Settings – Your activity.

Facebook says that it will continue working on such tools which will allow its users to spend meaningful time on its services.

Apple is also releasing a similar tool called Screen Time and App Limits with iOS 12. The feature will provide a detailed breakdown of your smartphone usage including the time you spend inside each app and more.

[Via Facebook]