Google’s Celebrity Driven Video App ‘Cameos’ Reaches the App Store


Google has officially brought its celebrity oriented video app, known as Cameos, to the App Store. This app lets celebrities respond to some of the frequently asked questions by fans on Google. They will even get notified when a new search query pops up, allowing them to react immediately and keep their fans updated.

Once the celebrity uploads their response on the app, Google claims that it automatically makes its way to Search. Further, the videos will also be highlighted on top of the celebrity’s feed on Google’s mobile apps.

Naturally, you will have to be a celebrity of some stature to be able to use this app. If you’re famous enough to be searched on Google or have a decent fan following, you should probably use this app.

This app can be hugely beneficial for the celebrities to clear out their name in the event of a fake rumor being spread on the internet. As Google puts it, this also ensures that the content “stays recent and timely.”

While anybody can download the app, Google will only grant access to a known celebrity. Perhaps adding a feed section on the app will make this more appealing to the non-celebrities out there. The app is a free download from the App Store.

Download → Cameos on the iTunes App Store

[Via MacRumors]