iOS 12 Beta Points to 2018 iPad Pro Featuring Rounded Display Corners

The latest iOS 12 beta points to the iPad Pro coming with rounded display corners. This makes sense and will be in line with the iPhone X launched last year which also features rounded display corners.

The information is based on a new asset discovered in the latest iOS 12 beta 5. The asset is used as a mask to round the corners of some UI elements, and its naming carries the model number of the 2018 iPad Pro (J3XX).

iPad rounded corners

A similar asset can also be found for the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone pointing to the device also coming with an LCD display with rounded corners.

Rounded display corners are all about aesthetics and don’t bring about any meaningful improvement to usability. Nonetheless, rounded display corners will blend well with the rounded edges in iOS 12 thereby giving the iPad Pro a cleaner look.

Another asset found in the latest iOS 12 beta confirms the existence of the iPhone X Plus, though given the numerous reports and leaks we have seen so far, this should not be surprising.

So far, leaks have confirmed that Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro lineup will come with slimmer bezels, lack a Home button along with Touch ID, and even give the 3.5mm jack a miss. Instead, Apple will be debuting Face ID on the tablets this time around along with the usual under the hood improvements.

[Via 9to5Mac]