iOS 12 Beta 9: Everything New in the Latest Beta

iOS 12 Home screen With Downtime Enabled 2

Earlier today, Apple released the ninth beta of iOS 12 for developers and public beta testers. With the final public release of iOS 12 just a few weeks away now, the ninth beta is presumably the penultimate beta release of the OS.

The last few beta releases of iOS 12 have not introduced any major changes and the same story continues with iOS 12 beta 9. Given we are so late in the beta cycle now, Apple is unlikely to make any more changes in iOS 12 and instead it is focusing on squashing the remaining bugs and applying the final touches to the OS.

As the above video shows, iOS 12 beta 9 does not contain any new major or even minor changes. Some underlying changes in the OS might force some users to reset their Screen Time usage data but otherwise, beta 9 and beta 8 of iOS 12 are largely the same. Even in terms of performance, iOS 12 beta 9 is very similar to beta 8 as the Geekbench scores show.

If you are not already running iOS 12 beta on your iPhone or iPad, you can join Apple’s public beta program to get the update on your device right away. With nine beta releases in, iOS 12 is now stable enough to be used as a daily driver and does not contain any major deal-breaking bugs.

If you have found any other changes in iOS 12 beta 9, drop a comment and let us know about it.