MacBook Pro Concept Ditches Keyboard in Favor of a Giant Touch Bar

Love it or hate it, there’s no way you can ignore the Touch Bar on Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup. It is clear that Apple is pushing ahead with the TouchBar on its MacBook Pro lineup after it decided against refreshing the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro with faster Coffee Lake chips this time around.

If anything, we are possibly going to see Apple double down on the Touch Bar and even expand it to replace the entire keyboard. A MacBook Pro Touch concept from Furkan Kasap envisions Apple doing exactly that.

In his concept, the whole keyboard is replaced with a giant screen which depending on the context and apps opened will show the keyboard and other related functions. Even the trackpad has been removed thereby allowing the screen to run to the very edge of the device. The trackpad and number pad are shown interchangeably depending on what is being displayed on the screen and whether it is needed or not. Being a screen, the keyboard definitely has far more flexibility on what buttons and options it can show which is not possible with a physical keyboard.

The creator calls the concept MacBook Pro Touch. Given that Apple is unlikely to add touch functionality to its MacBook Pro lineup, a touch-based keyboard is probably going to be the next best thing that Apple could do.

While the concept does look cool, it will pose one usability issue. A touch-based keyboard is unlikely to offer proper haptic feedback which is important for touch typing. Apple might further expand its Force Touch technology to offer haptic feedback and solve this issue but that’s still unlikely to resolve the lack of a physical feedback completely for many.

What do you think about Apple launching a MacBook Pro with a touch-based keyboard as shown in the concept above? Do you think you can get used to it or is that physical touch of a keyboard a must for you while typing?