Report: Apple Will Continue Producing LCD iPhones in 2019

iPhone 8 Plus LCD

Apple took a big leap in 2017 with the iPhone X. Although the company initially faced trouble with production, it managed to get things sorted within a few months. However, the demand for the iPhone X didn’t take off. It’s not clear if this was due to the presence of the cheaper iPhone 8 or lack of supply, but numbers tell us that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus did well than the iPhone X in the U.S.

A new report out of South Korea now tells us that Apple is taking this quite seriously, and is cutting down on its ambitions of an all OLED iPhone lineup for 2019. The Bell mentions that Apple will have LG Display as the supplier for the 2019 LCD iPhone(s), indicating that the disparity between the OLED and the LCD variants will continue until 2020 at least.

LCD panels are cheaper to make, resulting in a lower selling cost of the iPhones. Although the price difference between the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 isn’t too significant, people still preferred the iPhone 8 models over the iPhone X. That’s quite telling of the state of the industry, and that people are not entirely convinced about the benefits of an OLED display over a conventional LCD panel.

We highly recommend you to take this report with a pinch of salt, as statements such as these are often tailored for the stock market. It is clear, however, that Apple will have at least one LCD iPhone this year, expected to be packing a 6.1-inch display. The company is also going to launch a “Plus” model of the iPhone X, which was spotted in a leak over the weekend.

What do you make of Apple’s rumored strategy for 2019?

[Via The Bell]