Snapchat’s New AR Lenses Will React to Your Voice

Snap, Inc. continues to experiment with its augmented reality (AR) lenses, all in an effort to make them more worthwhile for folks who use the social network.

As was first reported by The Verge on Wednesday, Snapchat is adding new AR Lenses that will actually respond to your voice. According to the report, the new AR Lenses are rolling out slowly, with some users only having access to one or two right now. But in those cases, saying a command like “Okay” has an animated AR Lens of a cat giving the “OK” symbol with its paw.

There are other options, too. Those include the ability to say things like “wow”, “hi”, or “love”, each of which will have a different AR Lens offering up a different animation. There is no word yet on when the global rollout for this feature will take place, or just how many different AR Lenses will be available to Snapchat users.

Augmented reality features are an easy go-to option for companies these days, including Snapchat’s biggest rival, the Facebook-owned Instagram. That social network launched new custom AR filters for its Stories platform not too long ago, which appear to already be a pretty popular feature for the platform.

Snapchat is not stranger to these types of experiments. We recently saw new Lens options through the Lens Explorer initiative. And word on the street is that Snap, Inc. is planning on launching its own digital storefront for Snapchat that will offer mobile games for the social network.

What do you think of the idea of saying a voice command to activate an AR Lens in Snapchat? Is this a feature you’d use in public?

Our Take

This is an interesting idea, but one that I have trouble seeing really taking off. It might be fun in some situations, but just in general? I can’t help but wonder if a lot of people out there want to yell at their phones to get an AR Lens to move when they are out in a crowd.

[via The Verge]