Apple AirPower ‘Doomed to Failure’ Due to Overheating and Interference Issues

iPhone 8 AirPower

Apple was widely expected to finally release AirPower at its iPhone XS event last week. However, the company did not mention anything about its wireless charger at the event and even went ahead and removed all mentions of AirPower from its website. A report from Sonny Dickson details the reasons as to why Apple has been struggling to release the wireless charger.

As per the report citing multiple sources, the AirPower in its current state is producing “too much heat” which is affecting its performance negatively. This can also harm the devices being wirelessly charged as more heat is always bad for them. The charging chip inside the AirPower from Apple is also adversely affected by this heat.

One of the highlights of AirPower, when Apple unveiled it last year alongside the iPhone X, was how it could be used to charge multiple devices at once. However, this feature has turned out to be a headache for Apple’s engineering team. They have been struggling with inter-device communication for multiple devices at once.

Apple’s engineers have been experiencing both hardware and software issues with the communication between AirPower and devices placed on the mat, -especially- the communication of Apple Watch and AirPod charging data to the iPhone, which monitors the charge level of all devices placed on the mat.

Thirdly, Apple was aiming to achieve multi-device charging with the AirPower by using anywhere between 21 to 24 coils of different sizes. There are three different sizes of coils and they must overlap with each other for multi-device charging. However, the compact size of AirPower is leading to interference between the coils thereby leading to performance and heat issues. There are other issues with interference shielding as well which Apple engineers can only overcome by making the wireless charger slightly thicker and wider but these are changes Apple is unwilling to make.

Ultimately, due to these setbacks, Apple engineers are doubtful of the AirPower in its current form and shape to release to the public and believe its ”doomed to failure.” Apple might use the trademark and technology on another product with new features which it might unveil down the line.

[Via Sonny Dickson]