Apple Updates HomePod with New Languages, Siri Shortcuts and More


With Apple making multiple announcements at its iPhone event today, there was one for the HomePod owners as well. In anticipation of the speaker’s arrival in Spain and Mexico, the company has added support for Spanish with Siri. Users in Canada will get access to Canadian French. Both languages will be made available with a free update.

Apple also talked about a couple of new features that are coming to the HomePod. First and foremost, you can now have Siri Shortcuts enabled on the HomePod. This will be possible thanks to a new app called Shortcuts, allowing you to add and remove shortcuts as you please. A single voice command can set off a series of events such as ordering coffee from an app on your phone or read out the calendar appointments for the day.

Users can now set multiple timers on the HomePod, which means you can have two or more timers for a variety of tasks at the same time. The HomePod now lets you make and receive phone calls as well. The user has to read out the name of the contact (or the number), and a phone call will be initiated on your iPhone. The audio can be routed to the HomePod or back onto the iPhone using the audio picker on the iPhone.

Lastly, and perhaps my most favorite feature is the ability to play a song by merely reciting the lyrics. So if you know a song’s lyrics but don’t know its name, this feature can come in handy. The HomePod also supports multi-room audio now, encouraging users to invest in multiple units for their home.

The HomePod leverages the vast library of content available on Apple Music. While alternative music streaming services like Spotify are compatible with the HomePod, Siri commands are only functional with Apple Music.

[Via Apple]