Apple Music Now Supports Android Auto

Apple Music support arrives on Android Auto

Earlier this week, Google made it easy for CarPlay users to use a new navigational option with CarPlay (following the update to iOS 12), and now it looks like Apple is giving Android Auto folks another streaming platform to listen to while in the car.

Apple Music for Android was updated today, bringing the version to 2.6.0. There are quite a few new additions to the mix, but the primary one at the top of the list is support for Android Auto. That means you can use Apple Music instead of Spotify or Google Play Music if you prefer Apple’s own streaming option.

Meanwhile, the new software also includes the ability to search for music with just a few lyrics if you don’t know the name of it or the artist that makes it. The platform’s new artist pages are now supported on Android as well. Here are all the new features with this latest update:

  • Android Auto. The best of Apple Music in your car.
  • Search by Lyrics. Use a few of the words to find a song.
  • New Artist Page. Play an artist with one tap, or browse all of the music with the improved design.
  • Friends Mix. A playlist of songs you’ll love from everything your friends are listening to.
  • Top 100. Play the daily top 100 songs from countries around the world.

Apple Music beat YouTube Music to support Android Auto, which is a little funny, all things considered.

Version 2.6.0 of Apple Music for Android is now available to download and install. A direct link to the app is available below.

Our Take

It’s great that Apple Music supports Android, and now Android Auto. But this should really just be the start for Apple, because the company should add Android support for the Apple Watch, too. I can only imagine how padded the wearable’s smartwatch sales would be if the company were to do that.


  • Apple Music for Android — Free
[via The Verge]