Apple Isn’t Showing the AirPower Wireless Charging Mat on Its Website

Apple AirPower

It has been a long time since Apple officially announced its wireless charging mat, the AirPower, and despite the long wait, we don’t appear to be any closer to an actual launch date.

There was plenty of speculation that Apple was planning on finally revealing a launch date and price point for the wireless charging mat at this year’s “Gather Round” event, where the company unveiled its new iPhone lineup. But now that the event has wrapped up and Apple didn’t mention AirPower at all, the confusion is starting to set back in.

To make matters worse, a quick search on Apple’s website, at least at the time of publication, shows that Apple isn’t listing or mentioning the AirPower wireless charging mat at all anymore. Now, when inputting “AirPower” in Apple’s own search box on its website, you’ll get three return values right away: the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and “Compare iPhone Models”. Below that there are listings for the Apple Watch, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X again, and a trademark list.

However, clicking into any of those products that support wireless charging and trying to find any mention of AirPower is coming up empty.

At this moment it looks like Apple has washed away any mention of AirPower, and considering the company didn’t mention the wireless charging mat at the event, there is rightfully some speculation as to the future of the accessory from this point on.

Would you be unhappy if Apple unceremoniously cancelled AirPower?

[via Apple]