Apple Watch Series 4 Display Rumored to Feature 384×480 Resolution

Apple Watch Series 4 display size comparison

Earlier this year we heard that Apple was working on a new series for the Apple Watch, and that this year’s model would introduce a wearable with a 15 percent bigger screen compared to the previous models.

Since then, that rumors has basically been found to be true, as subsequent leaks have confirmed as much. And now another aims to shed a bit more light on how Apple’s new display will compare to the model years before. According to 9to5Mac, which discovered information within the latest watchOS 5, the new Apple Watch Series 4 will indeed host a bigger display, and its resolution is getting a change as well.

The report indicates that the new Apple Watch Series for will have a screen big enough to host a lot more information when compared to previous models, as you can see from the image at the top of this article. The resolution for this new display will be set at 384×480. That’s compared to the Apple Watch Series 3’s 42mm display with a resolution of 312×390.

“We ran some tests by using a modified Apple Watch Simulator on the latest Xcode beta to see how much those extra pixels are going to contribute to the watchOS experience. For our tests, we guessed a PPI of 345. Scroll down for images comparing watchOS running on the Series 3 and the simulated Series 4.”

Just as we’ve seen in a previous leak, where we saw a lot more complications on the wearable’s display, the added screen real estate will go a long way to offer up more important information to future owners.

We don’t have long to wait. Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 4 on Wednesday, September 14, along with three new iPhone models, and probably even more.

Are you already planning on upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 4?

[via 9to5Mac]